Ion Air Freshener (4pcs)

Rp 600.000


Ion Air Freshener 

Fungsi Ion Air Freshener :

1. Menghilangkan / menetralisir bau tidak sedap
2. Meningkatkan level oksigen
3. Menetralisir Ion Positif di udara
4. Mengurangi gangguan pernapasan akibat udara tidak bersih
The main function of anion
The main function of anion: anion has sedative, hypnotic, analgesic, cough, itching, urination, increased appetite, lowering blood pressure effect. For example, after thunderstorms, the air of negative ions increased, people feel comfortable. In the air-conditioned room, because of the air purifying negative ions through a series of air-conditioning and ventilation ducts long after the disappearance of almost all the people in which the long-term stay will feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, decreased work efficiency and health condition.
More Info About Ionic Air / Negative Ions
Ionic Air Purifier, Negative Ion Generator and Air Ionizer are the synonymous terms that are used for the devices that clean and energize the indoor air by mainly producing millions of negative ions. Negative Ions are charged particles that are discharged by the Air Ionizer into the indoor air. When in the air, ions bond together with the floating pollutants and take them out of the breathing space making the air pure, fresh and healthy.